10 Best Dive Masks of 2020 [Reviews and Guide]

While shopping for your Dive Masks, the last thing you want to do is be overwhelmed by all the options and pay through your nose for something you’re not sure of. The most important rule of shopping for a Dive Masks products is to know your way around it.

This may take a while, but trust us, we know how important doing your homework about Best Dive Masks reviews are before you make a purchase. This is why we’ve made your life simpler by doing the homework for you and made this list of the top 10 Best Dive Masks available today.

Our Picked 10 Best Dive Masks in 2020

1 1 Dekugaa Full Face Snorkel

  • 9.4

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2 2 Bps ShortBlade Adjustable Swim

  • 9.2

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3 3 Cressi Panoramic Wide View

  • 9.2

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4 4 Ouspt Full Face Snorkel

  • 9.2

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5 5 Scuba Choice Scuba Diving

  • 9.0

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6 6 Phantom Aquatics Panoramic Scuba

  • 8.8

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7 7 Aqua A Dive Sports

  • 8.8

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8 8 Hollis M1 Frameless Scuba

  • 8.6

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9 9 Gear Aid Sea Gold

  • 8.0

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10 10 Ist Pro Ear Scuba

  • 7.8

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1. Dekugaa Full Face Snorkel

Anti Leak: Frebw snorkel mask float-ball with valves design prevent water from being poured in from the top.

  • * The double exhaust passage will double the ventilation speed to prevent the exhaled gas from entering the observation sun visor and causing fogging. We use food grade silicone, safe and non-toxic, good elasticity, and the enlarged silicone skirt is more suitable for your face, effectively preventing leakage. The deeper silicone lining does not put too much pressure on your nose bridge to ensure that you are comfortable to wear.
  • *180¡ã Full face design Panoramic full face snorkel mask gives you superior views over a standard diving mask for beautiful underwater adventures, makes it easier than ever to breathe comfortably through your mouth or nose when snorkeling.The Snorkel Mask Full Face has Camera stand, you can capture every amazing moment in the sea and share it with your friends and family.
  • * It helps you learn how to snorkel and swim in the water. You just need to wear a mask to breathe through your nose or mouth. You can easily use this snorkel mask without any difficulty. It is perfect for beginners and adults and children. Even if you are not a beginner, this mask will give you a great experience.
  • * Made of High Quality PC and Medical Grade Silicone. Non-toxic and environmental, which can prevent skin allergic or other skin problems. The size is measured from the eyebrow to the bottom of your chin, if less than or equal to 4.72in(12cm), select size S/M; If more than 4.72in(12cm), select size L/XL. If you have any dissatisfaction, welcome to contact us. We will provide you worry-free shopping experience and satisfactory after-sell service.

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    2. Bps ShortBlade Adjustable Swim

  • EASY TO ADJUST – Open-heel design w/ click-and-pull adjusting system, so you’ll have more freedom in changing the fit (should you decide to wear with/without socks/booties) and easier for you to put them on & take off quickly. The open-toe design is to prevent chaffing and to allow a snug fit. Each fin size can accommodate a wide range of shoe sizes making it perfect for sharing – please check the size chart. Inside each fin is extra padding to help them stay in shape when not being used.
  • BUNDLE OPTIONS – You get to choose if you want your swim fins with mesh bag OR complete your gear by choosing the swim fins with a dive mask and snorkeling tube and still have the mesh bag to make carrying a breeze. The dive mask’s silicone skirt and adjustable straps are very comfortable and offer a great snug fit for a wide range of faces. You will also enjoy your snorkeling more with its crystal-clear wide view lens that is CE tempered glass guaranteeing durability.
  • The snorkel tube (included on full gear set) w/ smart valve system is designed to reduce jaw fatigue when worn for an extended diving time. It also features an innovative dry top design keeping water out with a floating valve system; a quick-release clip to attach or detach the snorkel to and from the mask; a soft silicone flex tube to minimize jaw fatigue; food-grade flexible silicone mouthpiece with bite tabs; and a purge valve for fast and effortless clearing of any water with a short exhale.
  • BUY WITH COMPLETE CONFIDENCE – You will receive an e-guide with easy to follow pictures written by us to help you set up and look after your gear. Please also know that all BPS products come with a ‘Next-Level’ guarantee for 12 months. So, if you encounter any quality issues at all, please just let us know! Thank you for looking at a product from our store. We are a small family business that ONLY sells what we know and love. We know our products, use our products, and stand behind them 100%.

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    3. Cressi Panoramic Wide View

    LIBERTY QUATTRO SPE MASK: The Liberty Quattro SPE Tempered Glass Lenses Panoramic Scuba Snorkeling Mask, Provides a wide unobstructed field of vision while Snorkeling or Scuba diving.

  • Strap and Skirt Combined for Excellent Seal on the Face, Easy-to-Reach One-Hand Nose Pocket for Ear Equalization, Quick Adjust Buckles System
  • 4-Lens Mask Designed, Panoramic View w/o Interruption, Maximum Light and Feels as Open As-the-Ocean Itself, Medium Internal Volume
  • Anti-Splash Dry Top Snorkel Design Special Valve Seals Tube when Submerged, Corrugated Smooth Bore Lower Tube, Won’t Trap Water!
  • Silicone Mouthpiece & Corrugated Tube, Easy Clear Purge Valve, Replaceable Angled Mouthpiece, Quick Release Snorkel Keeper

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    4. Ouspt Full Face Snorkel

  • ★【HIGH QUALITY AND SAFTY】OUSPT snorkeling mask made of High Quality PC and Food Grade Silicone Non-toxic and environmental. New add fish gill design breath circulatory system, exhaust gas can be out faster. We are not only greatly improved the airflow, visibility, fit, but also camera mount and safety of the full face snorkeling mask. All we do just order to bring the safe and comfortable snorkel experience.
  • ★【EXPLORE MAGNIFICENT UNDERWATER WORLD】Our full face snorkel mask is designed with a natural curved, which perfectly fits human face. 180 degree panoramic view design that allows for the ultimate in comfort and visibility! Snorkel mask with detachable mount can easily attach camera. Capture your adventure and share with friends and family. Enjoy your vacation!
  • ★【AMAZING ANTI-FOG TECHNOLOGY】We are improved the breath system* fish gill breath circulatory * (Intermediate air intake, air outlet on both sides) which make exhalation and inhalation have completely isolated to prevent the mixing of exhaust gas and fresh air. It will keep you snorkeling longer and not fog from your breath or the water temperature.
  • ★【NEWEST DESIGN OF OUSPT】2019 newest snorkel mask folding the tube by a elastic rubber band which can be rotated in any direction. High-quality and safe liquid silicone in interior, which is more suitable for the face and tightly waterproof solves tube (with a button) snorkel mask’s problem and the installation difficulties. When snorkeling occurs an emergency, you can quickly get out of the mask with one button and get more self-help time.

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    5. Scuba Choice Scuba Diving

    One of the best selling items in Scuba Choice.

  • Low volume special design for free dive
  • Silicone skirt and adjustable strap.
  • Perfect for narrow face people and women
  • Silicone skirt size: 4-3/4″ wide

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    6. Phantom Aquatics Panoramic Scuba

    Phantom Aquatic’s Panotamic 3-window Mask Patented Tri-Window Design has Seamless Side Windows for an Unobstructed View.

  • Revolutionary Push-Button Buckle for Easy and Quick Strap Adjustments
  • Foldable and Flexible Buckle Attachment that Swivel with Facial Movement
  • Great Seal Regardless of Diving Conditions, Low Volume Mask Design
  • Feathered Edge & Wide Split Strap Combined for Comfortable and Perfect Seal on Face

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    7. Aqua A Dive Sports

    Snorkel mask: A better snorkeling and scuba diving experiance starts with a high quality mask There is nothing more frustrating while snorkeling or scuba diving than having a mask that constantly leaks or fogs up The AQUA A DIVE SPORTS snorkel mask uses high quality silicone that provides a strong and comfortable seal Highlights: 1.

  • Soft Silicone Rubber No Leaks
  • Ergonomic Design Easy to Adjust
  • Free 1 scuba mask box
  • 100% satisfaction policy, each meets strict QC standards before shipment. If there is any problem with this diving mask, please contact our AQUA DIVE after-sales service team, we will reply you as soon as possible, and we can provide free replacement, or even a full refund if you are not satisfied.

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    8. Hollis M1 Frameless Scuba

    Visibility is the most important aspect of any dive.

  • Saint-Gobain Diamant – Crystal Clear Lens
  • Wide vision and low volume
  • Completely dry top snorkel prevents water entry when submerged
  • Large exhaust and purge valve at bottom for easy water clearing

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    9. Gear Aid Sea Gold

    When you need to defog a scuba mask, use Sea Gold Anti-Fog Gel.

  • Use this long lasting anti-fog treatment on multiple dives for clear vision all day long
  • Concentrated formula prevents fogging for hours with just one application
  • Works on all glass and plastic dive mask lenses; not for use on swim goggles
  • Packaging may vary

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    10. Ist Pro Ear Scuba

    Difficulty in equalising and the possibility of getting ear infection are problems that can happen to any diver regardless of their experience.

  • PREVENTS EAR ACHE — Eliminates pressure-induced ear pain.
  • BETTER HEARING — Enhances sense of sound under water.
  • WATERTIGHT CUPS — Keeps water out and prevents Swimmer’s Ear.
  • COMFORTABLE FIT — Head strap maximizes surface area to eliminate squeezing or pinching.

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    Final Words!

    We know that your investment is made with a lot of thought. No-one would want to pay over the odds when it is not required. This is why we’ve made this list. Now you would know what are the best features to look for and you may have even narrowed down a couple of options.

    Some of the options we’ve narrowed down based on the best price are Bps ShortBlade Adjustable Swim, and most popular is Dekugaa Full Face Snorkel. Whichever Dive Masks you choose, be sure to opt for the one which is apt to your requirements.

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