10 Best Kayak Helmets of 2020 [Reviews and Guide]

The struggle of shopping is real people! But don’t worry, we got your back! We’ve considerably cut down your shopping time by probing into the Best Kayak Helmets you can find in the market today. Now you won’t have to comb through hundreds of websites trying to find the perfect Kayak Helmets.

We’ve come up with quite a few options based on price, quality, design, popularity and a few other parameters. Our end game is to help you find the Best Kayak Helmets and ensure that you buy it with full knowledge of the product and all the options available. Here’s the list for you:

Our Picked 10 Best Kayak Helmets in 2020

1 1 Shred Ready Sesh Kayak

  • 10.0

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2 2 Nrs Chaos Helmet Side

  • 10.0

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3 3 Dagger Sweet Rocker Kayaking

  • 10.0

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4 4 Nrs Wrsi Current Helmet

  • 9.8

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5 5 Shred Ready Outfitter Pro

  • 9.2

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6 6 Nrs Wrsi Current Pro

  • 9.2

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7 7 ProTec Ace Water Helmet

  • 9.0

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8 8 Tontron Adult Whitewater Kayaking

  • 8.6

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9 9 Triple Eight Gotham Water

  • 8.4

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10 10 Shred Ready Zeta Helmet

  • 7.8

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1. Shred Ready Sesh Kayak

From afternoon sessions at the local standing wave to full-on whitewater journeys, keep your noggin safe with the Shred Ready Sesh Kayak Helmet.

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2. Nrs Chaos Helmet Side

The NRS Chaos Water Helmet is an excellent choice for kayakers, rafters, stand-up paddlers and canoeists looking for safe, economical and comfortable head protection.

  • Impact Foam: EVA foam
  • Fit Adjustment: Boa, adjustable chin strap
  • Certifications: CE EN 1385
  • Recommended Use: paddling

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    3. Dagger Sweet Rocker Kayaking

  • High-performance materials
  • Occigrip turn dial adjusts helmet in both reach and height
  • Fit pads allow for the ultimate personalized fit
  • Coolmax liner – anti-allergenic, moisture-wicking material
  • Certification: EN13895 class 1-iv
  • Shell technology – ABS thermoplastic shell
  • Shatter-resistant removable visor
  • Helmet sizing: Medium/Large: 22-23″/ 56-59 cm – L/XL: 23. 2-24″/ 59-61 cm (see description for helmet sizing instructions)
  • Helmet weight: Medium/Large: 1. 2 lbs./ 550 g – L/XL 1. 35 lbs./ 612 g

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    4. Nrs Wrsi Current Helmet

    The NRS WRSI (Whitewater Research and Safety Institute) Current Helmet comes with an inexpensive price tag so you can paddle with the maximum safety that NRS helmets are known for.

  • Impact Foam: EVA, polyurethane
  • Ventilation: passive vents
  • Fit Adjustment: O-Brace Harness, Interconnect Retention System
  • Visor: yes

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    5. Shred Ready Outfitter Pro

    The Shred Ready Outfitter Pro (Model H-8800) is the result of years of rigorous testing from our wholesale customers.

  • Compression Molded Liner High impact ABS shell
  • Universal sizing band Durable,
  • High quality stainless steel fasteners
  • Nylon straps riveted to shell

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    6. Nrs Wrsi Current Pro

    Built to provide improved protection and comfort on whitewater, the NRS WRSI (Whitewater Research and Safety Institute) Current Pro Helmet has more safety features than its younger sibling (the NRS Current Helmet).

  • The Current Pro is designed to fit a wide range of head sizes. The helmet comes with a removable, replaceable liner that snugs the helmet to your head, right out of the box.
  • A multi-impact shell combines with an EVA foam liner and a polyurethane sub-shell to effectively dissipate impacts.
  • The Interconnect Retention System securely holds the helmet in place under hydraulic forces. As the force of the water pushes the helmet back, the interconnect system self-adjusts to hold the helmet firmly in place.
  • Removable ear pads provide extra warmth and reduce impacts from waves. Perforations in the pads aid hearing.
  • The stylish visor keeps sun and rain out of your eyes and helps protect your face.
  • Size: Small/Medium; Head Circ. (cm): 53 – 56 & Head Circ. (in): 20.9 – 22.0

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    7. ProTec Ace Water Helmet

    Whether you’re wakeboarding kayaking, or kite surfing, the Ace Water helmet is known for it’s mass appeal.

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    8. Tontron Adult Whitewater Kayaking

  • Removable ear protection pads and adjustable back of head dial.
  • 11 Air-vents system for breathing.
  • Meets CE EN 1385 water sports safety standard.
  • Large(21.7-24.0in)|(55-61cm). Medium (20.9-23.2in)|(53-59cm). Small(20.1-22.0in)|(51-56cm).

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    9. Triple Eight Gotham Water

    Gotham Style Hits The Water.

  • Velcro removable Sweat saver halo for easy washing Care
  • Dual-density closed cell EVA foam headliner and top crown
  • High-density ABS outer shell
  • Meets CE EN 1385-2012 water sport standard

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    10. Shred Ready Zeta Helmet

    New for 2019, The Shred Ready Zeta Helmet combines the style and swagger of iconic sports figures with high-tech energy management foams on a user-friendly platform.

  • HOG 4.0 BOA Retention system.
  • Interchangeable compression molded closed-cell foam fitting pads.
  • Sizing: Head Circumference, Small: 54-57cm Medium: 57-60cm Large: 60-62cm

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    Final Words!

    Now that you’ve gone through our List, its pretty obvious that Shred Ready Sesh Kayak and Nrs Chaos Helmet Side is the most selling product of Kayak Helmets. But there’s no pressure to buy a Best Kayak Helmets merely based on its brand value, as you can see there are a variety of options available.

    If you want to look for a pocket-friendly option, Dagger Sweet Rocker Kayaking is your best choice, in case you want a Best Kayak Helmets with special features, Shred Ready Sesh Kayak is a great option. Our website is a one-stop-shop for all information regarding (keyword). We hope we’ve been able to narrow down your list and help you come to a decision.

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