10 Best Satellite Finders of 2020 [Reviews and Guide]

Choosing a good Satellite Finders can be a tough job. You, as a consumer, are faced with making a difficult decision of which Best Satellite Finders to buy, with the choices being endless. The added responsibility of going through hundreds of reviews and articles about each Satellite Finders can be stressful. But we have compiled a guide to help clear your confusion and help you find the perfect and budget Satellite Finders.

We have taken the liberty of gathering a large amount of information and highlighting the best features of the 10 best products available online or at selected stores. Now you don’t have to roam around a bunch of stores trying to find the right fit. We’ve chosen these 10 Best Satellite Finders products based on quality, efficiency, price and overall use.

To further, narrow down your choices while buying Best Satellite Finders, we’ve assembled this list for you.

Our Picked 10 Best Satellite Finders in 2020

1 1 Tv Antenna Signal Strength

  • 8.0

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2 2 Gt Media V8 Satellite

  • 7.8

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3 3 Digital Satellite Signal Level

  • 7.8

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4 4 Winegard Sf1000 Satellite Finder

  • 7.6

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5 5 Satellite Finder

  • 7.4

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6 6 Sciencepurchase Analog Satellite Finder

  • 7.4

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7 7 Gtmedia V8 Satellite Finder

  • 7.2

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8 8 Agptek® Digital Satellite Signal

  • 6.4

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9 9 Agptek Good For Campers

  • 6.2

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10 10 Ex Electronix Express Digital

  • 6.2

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1. Tv Antenna Signal Strength

Adjustable meter strength.

  • ADJUSTABLE METER STRENGTH: Our satellite meter has LNB to REC connectors with a dB level control.
  • TV SIGNAL METER: Get the best quality and save money and time on calling a tech to do it for you!
  • FREQUENCY RANGE: A sat tv meter with .95GHz – 2.15GHz / 0.2 dB difference in 950 – 2150MHz range.
  • ACCURACY GUARANTEED: Precisely align your Satellite dish meter for the strongest signal.

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    2. Gt Media V8 Satellite

    Highlight: 1.

  • 🥰【Search all satellites】SAT digital locator. Supports complete satellite selection and fast blind scan. Built-in part of the European satellite list, you can directly select search. It also supports users to manually add satellite lists to quickly search for satellites that users want to locate. Supports DiSEqC1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2 / USALS and 22 kHz tones.
  • 🥰【High performance】 Lithium-ion 3000mA battery can work normally for up to 4 hours. Support battery power display. Blinking red means charging, and steady green means it is fully charged. Support LNB short-circuit protection, safe and secure to use.
  • 🥰【Beginners are also suitable】V8 FINDER METER is a useful outdoor signal detector for TV satellite antennas, suitable for the adjustment and installation of satellite parabolic pans. When searching for satellites, a beep sounds for signal prompts. The stronger the signal, the quicker the sound. You can also turn off the beep in the settings. Even new users can quickly, easily, and accurately set the direction, angle, and position of the satellite dish to the best.
  • 🥰【Professional after-sales service】GTmedia is the official store, providing professional after-sales service. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I will try my best to help you solve the problem and make you 100% satisfied. Technical support website:

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    3. Digital Satellite Signal Level

    The SAT-TECH SF-9505A is compatible with DISH (Network), FTA, and Directv (not SWM) satellite TV service types.

  • Audio Tone for audible feedback
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Compatible with most satellite TV
  • Power by 13-18v from satellite receiver

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    4. Winegard Sf1000 Satellite Finder

    Meter connects between satellite dish/LNBF and satellite receiver.

  • Impedance: 75 ohm
  • Input Level: -25 to -75 dBm
  • Power Required: +13 to +18 VDC (Provided by the receiver)
  • Meter with audio tone helps user align satellite antenna to signal
  • Great for remote satellite antennas

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    5. Satellite Finder

    The SKY24019 Analog Satellite Finder with Tone makes tuning C-band, Ku-band, and even Digital a breeze.

  • Precisely align your dish so the strongest signal is sent to your receiver
  • Attain the finest picture while saving money on calling out a tech to do it for you
  • High sensitive tone function – tone changes as the signal strength increases
  • Equipped with meter to display dbu | Powered directly via satellite receiver | Compact, pocket-sized design

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    6. Sciencepurchase Analog Satellite Finder

    Satellite TV Finder lets you easily tune your satellite dish while outside.

  • 0.2 dB difference in 950 – 2150MHz range
  • 13-18V DC
  • LNB to REC connectors with a dB level control
  • With LNB/LNB higher than 60 dB, use a 5dB attenuator

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    7. Gtmedia V8 Satellite Finder

    ** “GTmedia” is the official authorized seller of the “GT MEDIA” brand.

  • 【Bluetooth connection】The biggest feature of this machine is the Bluetooth connection for Android APP and Apple APP. Compact and easy to carry, it can be used wherever you want to adjust the direction of the parabolic antenna.
  • 【Full Satellite Selection】SAT digital locator with Bluetooth. Support full satellite selection. Fast channel blind scan. DVB-S2 TV Satellite Signal Finder Multi standard demodulation & decoding.
  • 【Instructions】First connect the GTMEDIA V8 Finder BT03 to the power supply. Second, connect the Finder BT03 to the mobile phone via Bluetooth. Third, connect the Finder BT03 to the parabolic antenna via a cable. In this way, you can view the parameters of the satellite signal through the mobile app, adjust the parabolic antenna through the parameters provided by the mobile app, and select the best positioning of the parabolic antenna.
  • 【Professional after sales service】If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I will do my best to help you solve the problem and make you 100% satisfied. Technical support website:

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    8. Agptek® Digital Satellite Signal

    Signal Strength is presented graphically on the LCD-display in form of thermometer-scales and in numbers (0-99).

  • Freq Resp: 950 Mhz¨C2150 Mhz
  • Pocket size and light weight
  • With electronic buzzer, Backlit
  • Utilizes Power From Receiver

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    9. Agptek Good For Campers

    Description: Very powerful Digital Satellite Signal Meter Finder which is able to find satellites in a very quick way about within 15 minutes if no accident.

  • Built-in amplifier compensates insertion loss
  • Sensitive meter for in-line use; pocket size and light weight
  • With electronic buzzer. Easy operation, attenuation, audio tone and back light
  • Powered by the receiver, nice tool for campers. PS: work great with directv hd swim signal; it uses 2X1.5v lithium batteries

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    10. Ex Electronix Express Digital

    The SF-95DR digital satellite finder is microprocessor controlled, making it very reliable and accurate.

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    Final Words!

    Well, there you have it, folks. These are the top 10 Best Satellite Finders available today. No product may be perfect, but it may be perfect for you. Surely all of the products are great and buying Best Satellite Finders is a good investment. But some parameters like price, model, quality and overall use may differ from person to person. Which is why you need to narrow down your choices based on your preferences.

    Making a good choice today means you don’t regret tomorrow. Once you make an informed choice, you needn’t worry about the outcome as you are prepared for any consequence. We have narrowed down some of the best choices of all time. All you have to do is see which is the right fit for you based on your requirements.

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