10 Best Sup Carrier Straps of 2020 [Reviews and Guide]

‘Tis the season to shop! And that means doing your research and going through every store and every website to find the best (keyword). But why go through all that trouble when we have a list of the most popular Sup Carrier Straps ready for you. Now you don’t have to scroll through hundreds of websites to find the right and budget Sup Carrier Straps.

Our the website has a compiled list of the Best Sup Carrier Straps by highlighting the best features available. Whether you want a basic version, an economical one or you don’t mind spending a few bucks for the top model; we have mentioned them all. The only thing you have to do is go through the list and take your pick.

Our Picked 10 Best Sup Carrier Straps in 2020

1 1 Alfa Gear Universal Folding

  • 9.0

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2 2 Curve Sup Soft Rack

  • 8.6

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3 3 Dorsal Aero Roof Rack

  • 8.4

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4 4 Unigear Paddle Board Strap

  • 8.2

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5 5 Own The Wave Sup

  • 8.2

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6 6 Improved Sup Stand Up

  • 8.0

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7 7 Leader Accessories Kayak Rack

  • 8.0

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8 8 Thule Compass 890000 Kayak

  • 7.8

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9 9 Inno Ina446 SurfWindLong Board

  • 7.0

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10 10 Sup Wheels Classic Standup

  • 6.2

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1. Alfa Gear Universal Folding

Lightweight soft roof top rack.

  • Universal fit for most of car, like Sedan Suv, Trucks, or minivan which do not have roof top bars.
  • Easy installation and Anti Vibration, Multi layer Foam padded help to reduce the Vibration on the road, with capacity of 200 lbs on board.
  • Heavy Duty fabric with 1.5″ wide Strong Nylon lashing straps with capacity of 400 lbs for breaking test. Longer straps is for securing the top of your cars, Securing the Kayak or Surfboard by using the Short straps on top.
  • Great choice for who enjoy their outdoor life

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    2. Curve Sup Soft Rack

    **Ranked #1 in wiki 2017 Best Surfboard Car Racks category** NOTHING HOLDS SUP BOARDS TO CAR BETTER THAN LOCKDOWN! The patented Curve ‘lockdown’ system uses a revolutionary single loop to ‘cocoon’ around SUP boards and secure to your vehicle roof.

  • 1″ foam padding provides cushioning between SUPs and vehicle roof, with a soft inner neoprene lining for maximum board protection
  • NEW 1″ foam now extends to cocoon around SUP rails and prevent strap on rail damage
  • 2 connection options – either thru doors or via roof rails / Capacity – secures 1-2 SUP boards – includes 1 set of 2x soft racks
  • Nothing holds SUP boards-to-car better than Lockdown

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    3. Dorsal Aero Roof Rack

    Are You Looking For An Effective And Efficient Way To Convey Surf Boards, Kayaks, As Well As Stand-Up Paddle Boards Start Using The Thule Dakine Style Dorsal SUP Rack Pads and Straps Set, That Is Armed With Essential Features That Make This Product Apart From The Rest.

  • Easy on and off with hook and loop closure design along bottom of pads
  • Surfboards SUPs and boats are well protected during transport with these high density foam core pads
  • Integrated no-slip top construction pads keeps loads in place
  • Pack includes Dorsal load straps can also be used with Locking Straps (sold separately)

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    4. Unigear Paddle Board Strap

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    5. Own The Wave Sup

    Own the Wave SUP Carry features adjustable straps to go around your board, an adjustable triple-padded shoulder strap (made from durable but soft materials) and a Velcro paddle holder.

  • For you to use your SUP Carry immediately, complete photographic instructions (written by us) will be emailed to you w/ an Amazon email link to the business owner in case of any concerns. Bundle Options are also available. Option 1 is Strap w/ Mesh Storage Bag. It has a handy ‘hang up’ plastic clip to store or transport your SUP Carry neatly – and stop it doing an impression of an Octopus and attaching itself to everything else in your car or garage when not in use. (We know what this is like!).
  • Bundle option 2. Strap w/ Waist Bag and Waterproof Phone Case. Both bags are fully adjustable. The waist bag does a great job of holding your things and it’s easy to see where things are as it has a see-through mesh panel on one side. While the waterproof case can protect your phone and other things from water w/ its triple-seal protection and it does float! It is also touchscreen-friendly, so you never have to miss anything. You can wear it as a belt, cross-body or across your shoulders.
  • Buy with complete confidence, as all our products are stored and shipped quickly and reliably to you. All Own the Wave products are 100% guaranteed — if it doesn’t deliver what it is supposed to at any time within 12 MONTHS of purchase, it will be replaced or you’ll be refunded — your choice!
  • Thank you for looking at a product from our store, Surf and Snow Warehouse. We are a small family business that ONLY sells what we know and love — water sports gear. We know our products, use our products, and stand behind them 100%. We are known for the great product support, advice and after-sales service we provide — so if you have ANY questions about any of our products, please just ask.

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    6. Improved Sup Stand Up

    You are purchasing one sup carry strap – NEW STYLE.

  • Adjustable – Both the shoulder straps and body straps are adjustable.
  • Universal – Fit surfboard, longboard, SUP and shortboards
  • Easy to use – Put two body straps on the board, and adjust it. Then put it on your shoulder.
  • Hold two paddles – Ours paddle holders are big enough to hold two paddles.

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    7. Leader Accessories Kayak Rack

  • HEAVY DUTY: Doesn’t fit ROUND BAR. Steel construction with power coated, makes the rack stronger and not easy to get rust. Maximum Lock tight on your kayak, Canoe, 8 Ft long, 150 Lbs Tested, easy and safe for your transport.
  • REDUCE SCRATCH: Extra foam padded design to reduce any scratch and prevent the cannoe or kayak from rubbing
  • MULTI PURPOSE USE: Easy to Install, use this car roof rack to carry Kayak, Canoe, Suif board, Ski board, Snow Board and SUP
  • Extra 4 pcs tie down straps including.

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    8. Thule Compass 890000 Kayak

    Transport up to 2 kayaks or 2 stand up paddle boards safely and easilyAÿwith the versatileAÿ4-in-1 Thule Kayak Carrier.

  • Maximum protection of kayaks and stand-up paddle boards thanks to the thick rubber saddles and padded upright
  • Easily manage load straps while strapping down the kayaks using the integrated Strap Catch. Two sets of load straps with Buckle Bumpers and bow and stern tie downs included.
  • Quickly folds down flat when noting use for better aerodynamics
  • Fits all rack systems with the universal mounting hardware and quick to install with no tools required

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    9. Inno Ina446 SurfWindLong Board

    The In No Ina446 water Sport car top mount is the best way to transport boards, kayaks and canoes on the roof of your car.

  • Protection – Rubber Coating on the straps and adjustable corner pads help protect your boat and boards from scratches and scuffs during transport.
  • Easy loading – loading and unloading your boats and boards is easy with the floating strap system that keeps the buckles elevated.
  • Universal mount – this rack features a universal mounting system, fitting square, round, Aero and most factory bars.
  • Secure – the featured ratcheting straps connect over boat or boards and tighten with integrated hand knobs to secure gear.
  • Includes: board pads (Ina771)

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    10. Sup Wheels Classic Standup

    Let SUP Wheels handle the roads, rocky paths and sandy beaches for you with style.

  • TOP QUALITY AND LONG LASTING: Built and tested to withstand harsh beach environments, using marine grade aluminum , UV and salt water resistant materials. This is the Cadillac of board carriers and is the most popular brand carrier on the market. We have customers using the same carrier for over 7 years now.
  • EASE OF USE: 14 inch never go flat wheels will roll over soft beach sand and not get stuck. Fat air tires are not needed. Our patented design doesn’t use metal bearings that would clog up with sand and rust. SUP Wheels can roll straight across sandy beaches into the salt water to unload your board.
  • LIGHTEN THE LOAD: This 7 pound carrier holds the majority of the board’s weight, making it easy to maneuver. The built in paddle holder frees your hand to hold a phone or a drink. SUP Wheels folds into size of a briefcase for easy storage or it can sit on your board when you paddle. They also float if it goes in the water
  • PROTECTS YOUR BOARD: With this innovative solution there is no issue with wind, as the board lies horizontal on the SUP Wheels and not vertically against your body like a sail. Dropping the board when carried is the number one cause of damage to boards and harm to you.

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    Final Words!

    All of this might seem Greek to you, but guess what we have a few tips to ensure that you end up as clear as possible about how to make the final decision. Firstly, Don’t freak out. Just go through all the available information and see what characteristic you value the most.

    For example, if the price is your biggest issue, and you don’t mind getting a basic model that fulfils your purpose, Dorsal Aero Roof Rack seems to be a good fit. In case you value a number of special features and purposes for a Best Sup Carrier Straps, you can opt for Curve Sup Soft Rack. However, if you value the popular opinion of most of the customers, Alfa Gear Universal Folding seems to be the way to go! Well, there you have it, making this decision isn’t so hard now is it?

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