10 Best Wifi Temperature Monitors of 2020 [Reviews and Guide]

Finding the Best Wifi Temperature Monitors is no piece of cake! And don’t worry! We understand the struggle. Shopping for a Wifi Temperature Monitors may seem a bit hard given that we’re all on a busy schedule with no time to spare. This is why we’ve lent you a hand by compiling the perfect List of {keywords} with all your options and their best elements.

We’ve narrowed down hundreds of options and found the best product based on its earmarked characteristics. This is not a representation of only our opinion but we have scrutinized the reviews and options of hundreds of others. Here’s the List of the top 10 {Keyword}:

Our Picked 10 Best Wifi Temperature Monitors in 2020

1 1 Inkbird Wifi Itc308 Digital

  • 9.2

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2 2 New Amir Indoor Outdoor

  • 9.0

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3 3 Sensorpush Wireless ThermometerHygrometer For

  • 9.0

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4 4 Temp Stick Wireless Remote

  • 8.8

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5 5 Govee Wireless Thermometer Hygrometer

  • 8.6

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6 6 Govee Temperature Humidity Monitor

  • 8.6

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7 7 Govee Thermometer Hygrometer Accurate

  • 8.6

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8 8 Temperature And Humidity Hygrometer

  • 8.6

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9 9 Govee Temperature Humidity Monitor

  • 8.2

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10 10 La Crosse Alerts Mobile

  • 7.4

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1. Inkbird Wifi Itc308 Digital

  • 👍👍【Dual Relay Output]】Dual relay output, which can connect heating and cooling device at the same time.
  • 👍👍【Alarm for Safe】 High/Low temperature limit setting alarm.
  • 👍👍【Convenient Design】 Plug-n-play, easy to use. Support ℃/℉reading and Temperature calibration.
  • 👍👍【Max Watt】Maximum output load: 1100W(110V).

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    2. New Amir Indoor Outdoor

  • ☄【Clear HD LCD Screen】- Easy-to-read display as well as the humidity smiley icon shows that 45% is dry, 45%-65% is comfortable, and more than 65% is wet.
  • ☂【Upgraded Version- Backlight Function】- Backlight shows digit clearly and wide field of view. Press the display backlight to turn it off automatically after 5 seconds.
  • ❄【Two Mounting Options】 – This indoor outdoor hygrometer thermometer suport base stand & wall hanging, very convient to place.【NOTE: We provide 45-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE & 1 YEAR WARRANTY. We guarantee to REFUND your money or REPLACE if you encounter any problems with it.

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    3. Sensorpush Wireless ThermometerHygrometer For

  • Powerful: Line of sight range of 325 feet keeps you up to date, even on the other side of your home
  • Easy one-time setup with our beautifully designed, free app (iOS or Android)
  • Accurate: Swiss-made sensing component provides reliable, accurate measurements
  • Set it and forget it: Pushes readings to devices via Bluetooth and alerts you if there’s a problem

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    4. Temp Stick Wireless Remote

    Temp° Stick by Ideal Sciences is an all-in-one wireless sensor that remotely monitors and alerts temperature & humidity conditions from anywhere, anytime.

  • Superior 1 Year+ battery life! Completely wireless, battery operated sensor (2x AA batteries, included). No gateways or wires needed. Connects to Wifi and Sends text and email alerts for Hi/Low Temperatures, Humidity Levels, Wifi Connection Loss and Low Battery.
  • Check-in remotely from anywhere, anytime using your mobile, tablet or pc. Connects to your wifi and monitors temperature and humidity in your home, fridge, attic, walkin cooler.
  • Data logging with Unlimited History. No subscription and No fees. Accurately monitor conditions 24/7.
  • Free email and phone support 7-Days-A-Week! Fast, knowledgeable assistance. Made In America. Support American Manufacturing & Ingenuity.

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    5. Govee Wireless Thermometer Hygrometer

  • Higher Accurate Monitor: With built-in Swiss-made SHT30 sensor, it offers higher precision monitoring than other brands. Temp is accurate within ±0.36℉ and humidity is ±2%RH. (Calibration is supported)
  • Data Storage Export: 20 days on-board and unlimited in-App storage. Temperature sensor uploads data to App when connecting to APP via Bluetooth. Alert will be sent to App when data is beyond preset range. Available to export data in CSV format for free after registered account.
  • Mini Size: Smaller size than other brands (1.57 x 1.57 x 0.67 inches). Space-saving and portable. A hanging hole is designed for various placement as you want. The battery lifespan is about 365 days.
  • What’s in Box: 1 x Govee Thermometer and Hygrometer, 1 x Hanging String, 1 x User Manual. Govee offers 30-day money-back guarantee for any reason and 365-day warranty for quality-related issues.

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    6. Govee Temperature Humidity Monitor

  • 328Ft Wide Bluetooth Thermometer: Detecting range is up to 328 feet without obstructions. You can put the Bluetooth thermometer at any corner of house. Notifications will be pushed to your phone if temp or humidity is beyond preset range.
  • Two Display Methods: Govee digital indoor hygrometer thermometer is designed with mini but clear LCD screen. You can check the current hygrometer thermometer on LCD display, or you can get current and historic data via APP.
  • 2 Year Data Record and Export: Wireless temperature humidity monitor can record data up to 32000 data pieces of 2 years and synchronize to your phone via Bluetooth. You can export data to CSV format at any time.
  • Easy App Remote Control: “Govee Home” App works for both iOS and Android. Govee temp humidity gauge support up to 10+ indoor hygrometer thermometer. Perfect used in home, office, greenhouse, cigar humidors, wine cellars, incubators, bedroom and so on.

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    7. Govee Thermometer Hygrometer Accurate

  • High Accuracy: Built-in Swiss-made SHT30 sensor, it provides high precise monitoring. The temperature is accurate to ±0.5°F while humidity is ±3%RH. Up to 2s responsive speed always shows you the latest readings.
  • Up to 260ft Remote Range: Bluetooth-enabled feature allows you to remotely monitor temperature/humidity on Govee Home app within 80m/260ft/3149 inch (no obstacles).
  • Smart Notification Alert: Alert notification will be sent to your phone once temperature or humidity is out of preset range. Intelligent function enables you to adjust situation of your wine cellar, greenhouse or other places in time.
  • Free Data Storage: It features 20-day on-board data storage. You are able to view recent temperature and humidity records. Curve graph diasplying brings you a clear data-changing track. You can export latest 2 months data to CSV format at any time.

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    8. Temperature And Humidity Hygrometer

  • PREVENT COSTLY FLOODS: Don’t let a small leak become a damaging flood. The Water + Climate sensor can detect just one millimeter of water and send a push notification directly to your phone, so you have time to stop a small accident from turning into a big disaster. Once you’ve set your temperature range in the app (custom or suggested), you’ll also receive notifications if your space has dropped below the safe temp, alerting you to potential freezing pipes before they burst.
  • PROTECT YOUR SPACE FROM AFAR: Got a vacation home, small business or rental property you need to keep tabs on from afar? Check in proactively with the Kangaroo app to monitor the temperature and humidity, and get push notifications if they stray above or below the safe ranges or if a leak is detected. If you’re not close enough to get to the property, our Kangaroo Complete plan includes professional monitoring so that authorities can be dispatched on your behalf.
  • SAVE MONEY: In more ways than one. Being proactive about the humidity and temperature of your home, as well as flood prevention, will save you money in the long-run by avoiding money-pit disasters like floods and mold. Also, most insurance carriers will provide a discount on your policy if you prove you are monitoring for these kinds of risks. Our team would be happy to help you claim your discount — just reach out to us on our website!
  • SET UP IN MINUTES: Batteries are included, and setup is as easy as placing it on the floor or peel-and-sticking it to the wall — no tools necessary! You’ll be up and running in a matter of minutes. A member of our team will even give you a call to make sure you’re not running into any questions in the process!

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    9. Govee Temperature Humidity Monitor

  • Dual Display Methods: Govee wireless temperature humidity gauge is equipped with clear LCD screen. You can check the current temperature humidity on LCD display, or you can get current and historic data via app.
  • Accurate Measurement: Govee wireless thermometer hygrometer accesses temperature accurately within ±0.54℉ and humidity ±3% with build-in SHT30 high precision sensor. Precise sensor offers reliable data.
  • Functional APP: “Govee Home” is a smart App with features of low battery alarm, easy setting and data sharing (log in with same account). Simply switch the temp unit °F/°C, calibrate and pre-set the alarm value through your fingers on APP.
  • 2 Years Data Export: Thermometer hygrometer can record over 2 years data and upload to phone via Wi-Fi (Not Support 5GHz). Choose different interval of data as you need. Export data in CSV format anytime you want.

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    10. La Crosse Alerts Mobile

    Use your smartphone, tablet, or PC to remotely monitor temperature and humidity levels in your home or business with the La Crosse Alerts Temperature & Humidity Monitor & Alert Kit.

  • Transmits to gateway in 200 ft. range
  • Receive e-mail and text alerts for temperature and humidity, connection loss and low battery
  • Internet and network router required (not included)
  • Requires two AAA alkaline batteries (not included)
  • Text and E-mail Alerts first 3 months FREE; 1 year subscription available after for $11.88 yearly ($0.99 per month)

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    Final Words!

    Though you’ve read through our list, you may still feel like you may be out of depth while trying to figure out the best option for you. We understand that making such an investment requires a certain time to process all the information given.

    However, remember that the key to making a decision is narrowing down your options and choosing a Best Wifi Temperature Monitors that benefits you the most whether it’s about the price or size or the brand, whichever quality that you value the most should have the most bearing on your choice.

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